Brief History of DAS Cryptocurrency

DAS was launched as an open source cryptocurrency in July, 2017. It was a pre-announced, fair launch of the DASH reference code. There was a small 3.35% development and bounty premine, with no portion of the block reward going to development.

The founder, Truckman, brought his vision of a decentralized and secure DAS Masternode Network to an eagerly waiting community, which has blossomed in a very short time period into a cohesive business team. As Truckman focuses on source code and wallet improvements, several other members of the DAS crypto community have stepped forward to help develop other key areas of DAS infrastructure.

DAS has made several large improvements since launch. These improvements to the DAS code have provided improvements to security and privacy, or they have facilitated use. DAS continues to develop with the goals of privacy and security first, and the goals of ease of use and efficiency second.

DAS is more than just a secure way of transferring value. It is an entire ecosystem which is being built from the ground up. These following are the philosophies which help to guide the DAS crypto community.